College Library

To inculcate habit of self study the college has a well equipment library with more than books. Apart from text books there are encyclopedias, research journals, magazines, and newspaper

Students are accepting to make maximum use of library to keep the books in circulation and make them available students. The withdraw of books will be governed by the following rules.

At a time MEd 4 Books
At a time BEd 3Books
At a time DLEd 2 Books
At a time Staff 8Books

These books must be renewed after 2 weeks and four weeks by the students and staff respectively. When you borrow the books from the library check them thoroughly after you have got them issued in your name then it is your responsibility to return them in proper form.

SNO Item Total
1 Books 7833
2 Journals 34
3 Dictionaries 25
4 Magazines 10
5 Encyclopedias 46

Don’t underline the pages or disfigure them. This figure books will not be accepted by the librarian and you have to replace them. Each student will be issued a library cum identity card which the students will always keeping in person. In case this card is lost duplicate card will be issued on payment of rupees fifty.

» Edutracks

» Social welfare

» Journal of community guidance and research

» Journal of education technology and research

» Educational research

» Science reporter

» Techno learn

» Education quest

» Journal of the Indian academy of applied psychology

» Brics journal of educational research

» Learning community

» School science

» Indian educational review

» Journal of educational and psychological research

» Indian psychological review

» Journal of Indian education

» Recent research in education and psychology

» Journal of educational research and extension

» Teacher support

» The Asian journal of psychology and education

» Behavioural scientist

» Journal of all india association for educational research

» Indian journal of adult education

» Educational sector

» Education today

» Vision research journal of education

» Primary teacher

» Bharatieeya skishan

» Research tandem

» International journal

» International journal of educational administration

» International journal of information dissemination and technology

» Brics journal of educational research

» Jounal of educational technology and research

» Education plus

» Leraning community

» Education today

» Edu- research

» Jounal of all india association for educational research

» Educational quest

» List magazines

» Samaj kalyan

» Sat samunder paar

» Yojna

» Aaj kal

» Bal Bharti

» Kurukesehtra

» Lok wani

» Ghar ghar rozgaar

» Viraj nandni